Pneumatic air tube is fundamentally an arrangement of multiple hollow tubes that allowfor the conveyance of items such as documents and mail placed in numerouscylindrical chambers. These chambers are urged to move forward by compressedair streams and are usually constructed with materials like wood, metal, etc.

Normally,all pneumatic tubes are designed in accordance to the mass and size of thematerials that are to be conveyed through them. These tubes are found to dateback to the 1st century AD and have seen different versions overtime.

Pneumatic tubes are usually manufactured with readily available materials with respect tospecific scientific principles. These systems are inexpensive and are safer incomparison to fuel systems that are prone to explosions and leakages.

Any Pneumatic air tube can be classified into two types:

· CT1: Pneumatic tubes of this type are useful forsingle or one-way conveyances that consist of multiple loading and unloadingpoints. These tubes only require the push technology, as they do not offerreturn communication or commutation. Hence, these systems are of wide use inlaboratories for the transfer of drugs and medicines to the desired location,usually a nurse’s place or a pharmacy.

· CT2: This type of pneumatic air tube isreversible and is found to transport items from one place to another. Thissystem enables both pull and push technologies, thus enabling the sending andreceiving of materials from multiple points. These systems are useful in avariety of industries, especially in the food industry.

As aresult, the benefits of pneumatic tubes are quite vast. These tubes are alsoinexpensive and are effortless to operate. They are also both environmental andas user-friendly.

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